Software development

West specializes in building software for strategic business systems. Together with our customers, we ensure that our solutions fully meet the specific requirements of our clients.

We think along and adjust existing software, realize links between different systems. Only when there are no available standard solutions, we will build customized software using open source building blocks.

Software is essential for efficient business operations and retaining a competititve advandage. We have in particular experience in developing solutions for administration, HRM, stock management, production and all sorts of other essential applications. Thanks to our years of experience in the field and the knowledge of the markets in which we operate, we are able to quickly analyze complex problems and determine which software solution can best fulfill our customers needs.

We realize for example:

  • Frontend and Backend solutions
  • Designing and linking APIs
  • Setting up Portals
  • And of course we provide support for the systems that we build to ensure that all systems remain future-proof.

Working method

We use open source software as much as possible to reduce lock-in and to ensure that our software solutions can be properly maintained. We work with agile development methods so that we can respond to the specific wishes of the client throughout the entire process. Through our process we ensure that the product is developed conform the clients wishes, even with a changing scope during the project. We find it important that we develop software that makes our customers happy and that they can take on their current challenges.

We realize software solutions for organizations such as NATO, War Child, Zo-Dichtbij and others.