Management Consultancy

The development of software for mission critical business systems is a complex process that involves many stakeholders, even before the system is built.

To ensure that the entire process from design to development runs smoothly, the West team advises, guides and supports at principal- and management level in the development of plans in which the business strategy meets the IT facilities.

Our project managers and scrum leaders advise and guide organizations to make IT a part of the entire organization and ensure that the changes are supported throughout the organization in an adoption strategy. Creating support is an important part for the successful completion of an IT project.

We make this happen bij:

  • Creating the involvement of the management and ensuring their support in the project
  • Involve the users in the design and implementation process.Appointing a number of "ambassadors" who inform the organization and collect feedback during the implementation
  • Actively collect feedback and act accordingly
  • Determine the right goals and measure usage. Implementing improvements and extensions