Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations are looking for ways to turn the large amount of data into information. Through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it is becoming more and more realistic to realize valuable predictions from large and complex data flows.

It is becoming more important than ever for every organization to be able to predict and optimize business processes. Together with our data science team it is possible to predict when industry maintenance must be carried out on production machines, when stock need to be replenished, when a consumption peak can be predicted at an energy company. As a result work can be done more efficiently, costs can be saved and the service to the customer can be increased.

With the help of data science and AI we are able to tackle the following types of activities:

  • Smart planning, using predictive capacity in planning activities
  • Anomaly detection, detecting irregularities in business processes
  • Natural Language Processing, reading and understanding texts for, for example, summaries.
  • Conduct research projects, complex analyzes and research to be able to use big data effectively

Our data science team has everything to build, implement and maintain predictive models. And with clients such as Dutch Railways (NS), Westland Infra and Stedin, we understand better than anyone how important data security and system reliability are. For more information about data science visit our website West AI